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One-Year Preparatory
Musical Theatre Program

New York

One-Year Preparatory
Musical Theatre Course
New York


Our One-Year Preparatory Musical Theatre Program is a foundation course for aspiring musical theatre performers who wish to train in a dedicated conservatory.

If you are looking to transition to a degree program (or the ICMT’s flagship one-year intensive program), this course will give you the best chance at success, or maybe university isn’t for you, and you want a gap year to see what’s possible. Either way, this practical training will prepare you for your next step.

It is designed for those who want an intensive program in a no pain – no gain environment. Whether you are fresh out of high school or are just looking to finally hone your skills and go to the next level in musical theatre, this course is for you.

We are looking for the most talented, most disciplined, and most ambitious students we can find.

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Individual attention

We limit the number of students we accept on our courses to ensure you receive the attention you deserve.

Triple Threat Training

You will receive comprehensive training in the three major musical theatre disciplines; acting, singing, and dance. Learn from professionals who are currently in the industry.

Train with professionals

Learn from Broadway professionals who are currently in the industry.

Weekly private singing lessons

Each week you will receive a 30-minute private singing lesson with a professional vocal coach.

Networking opportunities

You will regularly attend masterclasses taught by agents, directors, choreographers, casting agents, and leading names from musical theatre and Broadway.

Two-Year Intensive Musical Theatre Course Parallax

The Course


New York




Monday to Friday


2021/22 – $26,500


Via Audition

Acting methods
Acting through song
Scene study
Character study
Animal studies

Private singing (1/2 hour each week)
Singing technique
Ensemble singing
Repertoire (audition preparation)
Integrated Performance
Song coaching

Jazz Tech
Jazz for audition
MT Dance
Body Conditioning

Training at the ICMT was the most incredible two years of my life. The tutors care about helping each individual and the insight you get into the industry is outstanding. As long as you are dedicated and committed, the opportunities you get at the ICMT are second to none.

Jake, ICMT Alumni
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