Who are we?

The ICMT (formerly AMTA), started 10 years ago in London and now has campuses in New York, Rome, Belfast, and London. We train the performers of tomorrow with the performers of today.

At the ICMT, we are always looking for ways to deliver new and fresh ideas to train our students. We feel that giving them the opportunity to work with the writers of today and tomorrow is an exciting prospect. To be part of the creation of something new will give our students a unique experience.

The 15-minute musical pitch

We also want to be part of new musical theatre writing, and we want to nurture new writing and give an opportunity to those who struggle to get their new work seen. By providing the funding, students, studio space and mentorship, we feel that we can really be a part of creating the next big thing. It’s a way to find out (in 15 minutes) whether the idea has scope without the writer(s) writing the entire musical first. But we will happily accept musicals that have been fully written, as long as they are new.

You will:

  • Apply to our new initiative by filling out an application form.
  • If selected, be given studio space for free, students to be in your cast and a period of time to finesse your 15-minute pitch (TBC depending on ICMT location).
  • Present your pitch (15 minutes of script and songs) to Producers, Investors and other industry professionals.

Writers can:

  • Develop their new work in depth without having to pay for the studio space and talent.
  • Have time to try out new ideas in a creative and unhurried environment.
  • Work with the performers of tomorrow and get their take on the material.

Who qualifies?

  • Anyone with a background in Musical Theatre who has written or co-written an original piece.
  • If selected initially you must be available to work with students on your material with a Musical Director from the ICMT.

We have previously worked on Within Elsewhere, which was worked on and developed at ICMT New York. It has now gone on to be selected for further development with Theatre In Color.

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