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Project Description

1 & 2-Year EU Bespoke
Musical Theatre Course


1 & 2 Year EU Bespoke
Musical Theatre Course



These courses were developed for citizens of the European Union as a result of Brexit. They allow you to split your yearly training at the ICMT between London and Rome. Since Brexit EU citizens are not able to work in the UK. However, Germany has a thriving musical theatre industry and they regularly audition in Italy due to the high quality of performers there. We have developed two ground-breaking bespoke programs specifically for EU citizens. They have an added component that prepares you to work Internationally with an emphasis on auditioning and working in Germany. Current productions in Germany include Tina, Lion King, Aladdin, Mamma Mia, Pretty Woman and the list goes on. You don’t need to learn to speak German (or Italian for that matter as we train in English at all locations), you just need to be able to audition in German and have good pronunciation following your training. As part of the course, you will spend 6-months in London where you will work with West End Professionals and get that all important London training on your CV. In addition, you will receive a weeks’ training at our New York City campus, where you will train with Broadway professionals.

Our one and two-year Intensive Musical Theatre Courses are fast-paced programs designed to get you ready to go into the business as a working performer at the of your time with us. We specialise in providing world-class, practical-based musical theatre training in a positive and constructive environment. The courses are lead by working industry professionals and are designed to push you to your maximum potential in a safe and positive environment.

This course is designed for those with a strong foundation in musical theatre and is ideal for those who intend to enter the profession upon completion.

Please note: This program is open to non-EU citizens as well but is geared to preparing students for a career in the EU.

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Showcase & networking opportunities

You will audition in front of a panel of industry professionals (in person or video) from Germany, London and Italy. This includes casting, music directors, and directors etc…

Triple threat training

You will receive comprehensive training in the three major musical theatre disciplines: acting, singing and dance. Learn from professionals who are currently in the industry!

Learn the business

We will teach you the skills necessary to be self-employed in this industry and be there to help and advise you throughout your career.

Weekly private singing lessons

Each week you will receive a private singing lesson with a professional vocal coach to work on vocal technique and repertoire.

Train in New York

You will spend one week training and showcasing your talents in the heart of Manhattan in front of Broadway professionals. You will learn how creative teams work on both sides of the Atlantic.


You will perform in a full-scale musical to the public. You will go through a professional rehearsal process, working with a director, choreographer and musical director.

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The Course


Hackney Wick,
London (6 months)

Italy (3 months)






2021/22 – £16,000

This includes your 3-months accommodation in Rome, New York trip airfare and all training.


Via Audition
in person or video

Audition Informtion
Audition Informtion


Acting methods
Acting through song
Scene study
Character study
Animal studies


Private weekly lesson
Singing technique
Ensemble singing
Repertoire (audition prep)
– In English & German
Integrated Performance
Song coaching


Jazz Tech
Jazz for audition
MT Dance
Body Conditioning


German pronunciation


Music Theory
History of Musical Theatre
Composer Studies
Voice Journal
Healthy Performer


Mock Auditions
Audition Technique
Industry Relations
CV & Headshots

Rehearsal &

Musical Workshop
Play (in house)
Musical (public performance)
Professional Panel


Are there actually that many jobs in Germany in Musical Theatre?2021-01-27T11:29:13+01:00

Yes, lots. We currently have a Spanish graduate and two Italian graduates working in Productions there. They pay really well there too!

Do I have to learn to speak German?2021-01-27T11:28:38+01:00

No, but you must learn to sing and audition in German. The important part is that you train in English as you would be rehearsing in that language. Training in Rome will accomplish both.

How do I apply?2021-01-27T11:30:15+01:00

Go to our application section on our website and choose European option on the drop down.

How much does it cost?2021-01-27T11:30:59+01:00

Our yearly fee in London is £16,000. The European yearly fee is the same BUT includes 3 months accommodation in Rome.

I want to work in London in Musical Theatre. How can I do this?2021-01-26T12:24:29+01:00

Brexit means that Europeans cannot work in UK, so if you want a career in musical theatre you must reassess and change gears. The European Program helps you achieve this.

Is there a cost to apply or audition?2021-01-27T11:31:21+01:00

No, apply for free and audition by video for free.

So why train in London for 6 months if I can’t work there?2021-01-27T11:29:37+01:00

It will look good on your CV but it will be a great experience to work with Directors, Musical Directors and Choreographers from the West End.

What benefit is there to training in Rome?2021-02-12T17:52:07+01:00

Firstly, the ICMT has a campus there where we train in English to prepare our students for the International Market. However, Germany is a hot spot for Musical Theatre and their production companies audition a lot in Rome because Italians have a history of strong dance. We have a German component to the program there to prepare our students to audition for these productions.

What is the best training option for Europeans?2021-01-28T15:50:33+01:00

We have developed programs specifically for Europeans that splits your training between Rome and London to prepare you to work internationally with an emphasis on Germany.

At the ICMT I got to train with amazing teachers currently active in the West End, Broadway and on screen, who bring their experience and professionalism with passion and dedication every day. And, what’s even more important is the genuine care they have for each student, which creates a positive and safe learning environment. The course is well structured and gave me a realistic view of how the industry works. I would definitely recommend this experience!

Arianna Galletti, ICMT Alumni
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