The International College of Musical Theatre (the ICMT) is committed to delivering the highest level of education
and service . However, we understand that occasionally things don’t go as planned and there may be a legitimate reason to complain about the ICMT’s academic provision, services, facilities or staff.

We encourage you to raise any concerns or queries as soon as possible as this typically means that they will be easier and quicker to resolve.

Complaining on behalf of a student
If you are a parent, guardian or any other representative of a student wishing to complain on their behalf, we will need the student’s written consent (from their ICMT email account) to allow us to correspond with you. Under data protection laws, without this consent, we will not be able to confirm or deny, whether that individual is or was a student with us and will not be able to investigate your complaint.

Any current student wishing to make a complaint should follow the Student Complaints Procedure.

Complaint form for non-students

Non-Student Complaint Form
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