Project Description

1-Year Diploma in Musical Theatre
Foundation Course


1 Year Diploma in Musical Theatre Foundation Course



Do you want a strong foundation in musical theatre? Join our new 1-Year Full-time Diploma in Musical Theatre Foundation Course starting this September.

You will learn what it takes to be in the industry today and gain the skills necessary to segue into further full-time training. Gain confidence and develop new techniques in a positive environment where you will be nurtured by industry professionals.

This course was developed by Principal and Co-Founder Kenneth Avery-Clark and Head of Musical Theatre Grant Martin. It is designed to give you a well-rounded intensive experience that fills in the gaps in your skillset in order to move you forward.

This qualification encourages you to be a multi-skilled, reflective performer in musical theatre, preparing and performing a programme of work that shows professional potential. You will achieve performance standards that are comparable with other qualifications available in the UK at Level 4 on the Regulated Qualifications Framework or the first year of degree-level study.


Triple threat training

You will receive comprehensive training in the three major musical theatre disciplines: acting, singing and dance. Learn from professionals who are currently in the industry!

Learn the business

We will teach you the skills necessary to be self-employed in this industry. You will have a strong understanding of what is necessary to further your training beyond the foundation course.

Weekly private
singing lessons

Each week you will receive a private singing lesson with a professional vocal coach to work on vocal technique and repertoire.

Showcase &
networking opportunities

At the end of the course you will perform in a Cabaret showcase in front of family and friends and industry professionals.

The Course


Hackney Wick,




Monday to Friday


2021/22 – £10,000


Via Audition
in person or video

Audition Informtion
Audition Informtion


Character study
Cold reading
Script analysis
Speech & Dialect
Introduction to acting methods


Private lesson weekly
Singing technique classes
Ensemble singing
Repertoire (audition preparation)


Body Conditioning


In-house performance projects
End of year Cabaret Showcase


MT Performance
History of MT
Introduction to the theatre industry in the UK & Internationally.

To achieve this qualification the candidate will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a sound knowledge of the fundamental concepts of musical theatre
  • Use different approaches to solve problems
  • Communicate accurately with clear intent
  • Appreciate the main principles of the discipline, and the limits of their current capabilities and knowledge
    in relation to it
  • Undertake small-scale investigative or development activities, using appropriate methods and techniques
  • Operate in moderately critical situations where success depends on choosing appropriate responses

The candidate’s work will involve the following:

  • Preparation of an integrated programme of contrasting musical theatre performances.
  • Evaluation and interpretation of published and/or original musical theatre works.
  • Integration of the skills of acting, singing and choreographed movement/dance in dramatic communication.
  • Rehearsal methodologies.
  • Discussion of works, principles and practice of musical theatre.

The candidate should:

  • Show a creative response to the performance environment and audience, using creative skills as required
    for realisation of practice-based work
  • Apply stagecraft as appropriate to content and context, and deliver a focused physical and vocal performance
  • Have knowledge of the key components of performance, and the techniques by which it is created
    and realised


  1. Performance
  2. Viva voce

What next?

Once you’ve completed the course, you will be able to:

  • Train further at the ICMT with options to study at our locations in London, New York, Rome or Belfast.
  • Continue onto a second year and complete a higher Diploma level