Hello future students of the ICMT,

We understand that these are very worrying times and there are a lot of unknowns out there. We can assure you that the ICMT is looking at the situation around COVID-19 daily and planning how we go forward.

We want our students to have complete confidence that they are in good hands and that we consider their health and well-being paramount. Equally, with regards to finance, we want our students to know that their fees are protected and in a worst-case scenario a full or partial refund will be granted (depending on how much training was already delivered/received).

Here are some FAQ’s to review.

We remain unsure of the impact that COVID-19 will have on our new academic year. But at this point, we are planning to commence training this fall (September in New York, London and Belfast and October in Rome).

Yes, we are working on contingency plans for example:

  • If we have to postpone the training by a month or two our plan is to reduce the number of term breaks throughout the year to make up for the lost time and if necessary extend the year by a few weeks.  If this happens we will begin with on-line training in the fall to get you started.

During the current outbreak, we successfully moved all our training on-line and once the lockdown is lifted our students will return with social distancing. That’s one of the benefits of attending the ICMT, we don’t take a lot of students so this is entirely possible. Whereas other Universities and Conservatoires take hundreds of people which makes it impossible to physically return to classes.

Look at this page and we will update as and when we have more information.