The International College of Musical Theatre (ICMT) is committed to providing access to the highest level of performing arts training to individuals from all backgrounds.

The performing arts play an important role in promoting global social and economic goals and are an integral part of a healthy and vibrant community. The ICMT has an invested interest in participating in the growth of initiatives that support the future of the performing arts.

The ICMT is committed to attracting unique individuals from different backgrounds, identities, and beliefs. We are committed to creating a nurturing environment where all our students and faculty are equally valued and respected.

The ICMT creates access for wider participation through a number of initiatives and strategies, including:

  • Full-Time Musical Theatre Courses.
  • Part-Time Musical Theatre Courses.
  • Affiliations with stage-schools across Europe, providing workshops and masterclasses to young performers.
  • Musical Theatre summer schools in London and locations throughout China.
  • Introduction of online classes, available to individuals and groups around the world.
  • Free online webinars and taster sessions.
  • Saturday programme for kids and adults.


The ICMT has established global partnerships to widen access and promote our courses to potential students from a broad range of ethnic, cultural and social backgrounds. We currently accept approximately 35% of students from overseas. We participate in a number of outreach activities and initiatives such as performing arts exhibitions and conventions and school/college showcases.

We have strong connections throughout China where we operate our own stage school for children. We bring students to the UK for musical theatre workshops, and also provide the opportunity for graduates to go to Shanghai to teach at our stage school.

Promoting Diversity

The ICMT is a place where all members feel empowered, embraced, and celebrated for who they are. We provide students, faculty, and staff with the resources, tools and opportunities to engage with the larger community to help shape its future. We are committed to exploring and understanding personal and systemic biases so that students can become the best form of themselves and advocate for others. Students are encouraged to take action to defend and support each other in ways that facilitate and deepen their understanding of power, personal responsibility, and social change. This year we conducted a full review into our courses ensuring a more inclusive and diverse curriculum.


Applicants who meet the educational criteria will be invited to audition for the ICMT’s courses. To ensure fairness, auditions are conducted by a panel and feedback is given to all applicants who audition, regardless of the outcome. Places are offered based on an applicant’s performance, aptitude, and ability. Where an applicant is not successful in their first choice, of course, the ICMT will offer a more suitable alternative or advice on a more appropriate pathway. Unsuccessful applicants are given the opportunity to re-audition at a future date.

All applicants for our courses undergo a comprehensive interview. Our aim is to ensure the applicant understands the level of commitment required should they be successful. This also allows us to determine the applicant suitability for the course.

The ICMT recognises that applying and auditioning for drama schools can be expensive. The ICMT makes it a priority too, wherever possible attend regional events or graduating showcases where it can audition groups of applicants within schools and closer to home at no charge.


  • Full-time programmes – £16,000 per year
  • Part-time foundation – £3,000 per year (50% is refunded if progressing to one of our full-time programmes)
  • 3-Month programme – £4,500

Continuation and Success

The ICMT has an average 5% non-completion rate. This is mainly due to voluntary withdrawal or dismissal.

Our aim is to produce students who are industry. Graduates will actively seek representation towards the end of their time at the ICMT. In 2020, despite the difficulties of COVID-19 and the closure of the theatre industry, 75% of our graduates obtained representation.

The ICMT continues to support its Alumni by offering free top-up training and provides both performance and non-performance opportunities. This year, considering the effect that COVID-19 had on in-person training, we have invited all of our 2020 graduates back for free extended training. We also operate a mentorship scheme where students can continue to seek our advice and guidance after graduation.

Reviewed: February 2021